Every aspect of a successful online marketing campaign begins and ends with data. The most important aspect of every ad campaign is its ROI (return on investment). If a keyword is profitable we boost bids to rank it in the top three positions. Any keywords which have a negative ROI are quickly paused or deleted.
This same approach is used for advertising on the Content Network. The Content Network is ads placed on various websites with similar content to your ads. So if you sell tennis rackets your ad will appear on Instead of tracking the ROI of each keyword we instead analyze each website. Those which are profitable get higher bids. Websites with negative ROI are removed.
Pay-Per-Call advertising has exploded in popularity since 2011, the year of the smartphone. A user searches for something on their phone and can click-to-call for information. The cost to track each keyword’s success by Google is an additional $1 per call – making it cost prohibitive. We instead rely on our combined 20 years experience to know which search terms will convert into a successful click-to-call ad buy.

Quality Score

Every keyword is assigned a Quality Score from 1 to 10. If your keyword has a perfect 10 it means you have a high CTR (click through rate). So you will pay less per click than a competitor with a quality score of 3 who has a lower CTR. There are several ways to raise a keywords Quality Score. A/B ad testing allows us test various ad copy to create ads with the best CTR.Another method is to use various match types including: exact, phrase, broad, or broad match modifier. But be careful, since a higher CTR doesn’t always mean a better ROI.

Campaign Structure

In order to get the highest quality traffic at the best price a campaign needs a high Quality Score. This means structuring highly organized campaigns with tightly themed ad groups.According to Google, “By creating well-structured campaigns by theme or product, you’ll have sets of ads and keywords that are directly related to each other, which helps to improve your Quality Score and to keep your costs low.”

Landing Pages

Great keywords are only as good as the webpage they link to. Google calls this the landing page experience. Is your landing page relevant to what the user is looking for? Is it compelling enough for a person to make a purchase or complete an application? Google also ranks ad pages by Above average, Average, or Below Average. A poorly designed or irrelevant landing page will hurt your keywords quality score.