About Us

Dan Brunstein

20 years experience in Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing

Dan began his career with online advertising in May, 2000 at JobsOnline.com. That company was founded by internet pioneer Larry Organ.
He is best know for starting FastWeb.com. After six months Larry promoted Dan to Email Marketing Manager. With a subscriber base of 4 million users they sent daily CPA email offers. This gave Dan invaluable knowledge to determine the key components in eliciting a profitable eCPM. When JobsOnline was sold to Acxiom he joined Larry at Custom Offers LLC. In 2002, Dan was awarded salesperson of the year with 4.3 million in revenue. By 2003 he decided Search Engine Marketing was the industry to be in, and launched The Brunstein Group Inc.

Kim Morris-Brunstein

15 years experience in Pay Per Click Marketing and SEO

Since day one Kim’s AdWords knowledge and expertise have made The Brunstein Group the success it is today.
Kim works with our clients on a daily basis: analyzing conversion data, mining for keywords, creating new ads, and finding new market verticals. Her 10 years of experience in PPC gives Kim the knowledge of all aspects of a successful PPC Marketing campaign. Kim utilizes AdWords’ many PPC Tools. Some of these include: Insights for Search, Placement Tool, Contextual Targeting Tool, and the Auction Insights Tool. Her passion for PPC Management has Kim constantly Beta testing new Google AdWords products to outperform ourselves.